Elevate Your Upcoming Event With An Ultra-Fun 360 Video Photo Booth

Get Mesmerizing Pictures & Videos Captured In 360 Degrees

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Follow The Latest Event Trend

Complete your event’s setup by adding the hottest trend and ultimate cool-factor into the mix. This fancy 360 video photo booth will be the ideal hub for your guests to gather, socialize, and take awesome pictures.

Create Pixel Perfect Memories

Capture the event’s highlights through creative 360-degree pictures and videos. And if you want
to upgrade your keepsakes, use our fantastic digital effects for maximum entertainment. Slow-motion, reverse motion, color filters, color changes – you choose!

Get Fantastic Group Clips

Grab your work buddies, besties, or family and film a unique video or take the best group photo. This 360 spinner video booth can hold up to 4 people at a time so you can share the fun with your loved ones.

Automatic 360 Spinner Booth

Enjoy the moment with maximum ease and no worries using our automatic video and photo booth, which moves 360 degrees around to capture every angle.

Elegant Design

Boasting a sleek and super-minimal design, this photo booth will seamlessly blend with the rest of your event decorations.

Personalize Your Videos

Pick your favorite layout from our custom video template collection to add a more personal touch to your videos.

Insert Testimonials – Case Studies – Reviews

Keep The Party Moments Alive Forever

“We make entertainment memorable” – that’s not just our slogan, it’s our promise. Try our 360 spinner booth and experience it yourself!