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Gift box
Drive to Store

How do i drive people to my store?

1. The Challenge

  • You need a way to have more engagement
  • How do you drive sales conversions
  • What’s the value in a hybrid campaign?
  • Create more branded user generated content

2. The Solution

Reveal a new product and maximize hype.

The Giftbox is a transparent and fully customizable safe that visitors can unlock with a unique code they receive via the virtual photobooth or a quiz.

Do you have the winning code? Then you win what’s inside the Giftbox!

DJade Photo Template

What is your goal?

3. The Result

Your audience loves to take part in the Giftbox challenge and it delivers great results!

Based on your KPI’s we set goals and make ROI transparent.


Create selfie with virtual photobooth or fill in quiz.


Fill in your data (GDPR-proof).


Receive secret code by e-mail or SMS and try to open the Giftbox.

New: Virtual Giftbox

The digital version of our Giftbox. A great way to engage your audience and let them participate in an online win action.

Scan, Capture, Win.


What's your goal?