Photo Booths

We do fun booths right!

We do fun booths right!

Open-Air Booth

Our open booths offer the advantage of photographing larger numbers of guests then enclosed booths.

And, all our booths are touch less. You don’t have to touch the equipment to start your fun photo experience. Cool right!

We do fun booths right!

360 Booth

Stunning images captured in 360 degrees, processed and turned into a personalized slow motion video, with soundtrack, that can be shared immediately.

We do fun booths right!

Selfie Booth

The Selfie both offers the advantage of a larger number of guests in the picture with less crowding than the enclosed booth.

The open booth is also more suitable for small children and guests in wheelchairs. Create and Share animated GIFs with Family and Friends. meaning, you’ll look good!

We do fun booths right!

Virtual Booth

Virtual is the new normal and best way to socially distance, No matter where you are, whenever it is, you can have a virtual photo booth.

No App required. Fully customizable use on any type device.