Theme Parties

Music is better with you!

Music is better with you!

Music is better with you and fun dance floor lighting, spectacular room up-lighting, personalized monograms, custom GOBOs,  hands in the air, electric energy with family and friends all around.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know Angie D Entertainment. We are a company specializing in music, sound and lighting production for meetings and events, as well as entertainment booking. We’re inspired by cutting edge technology & great music. We love good vibes and good times.

At Angie D Entertainment, we pride ourselves on bringing tons of expertise and experience to the table.

You get the picture. Experience and expertise count. We take your vision, musical taste and style, combine it with our tech savvy and musical prowess, to customize, craft, amplify, and serve it back to you on a silver platter at 110 decibels of awesomeness! Because ultimately… the music sounds better with you!